Ex parte ERSKINE et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 96-0550                                                          
          Application 07/960,148                                                      

          optical system for projection of a display which includes a                 
          matrix of mirrors.  Each mirror in the matrix is individually               
          controllable between at least two states (Col. 3, line 66 to Col.           
          4, line 4, lines 33-41).  In a quiescent state each mirror                  
          reflects light along an optical path which impinges on a                    
          reflecting portion of a Schlierin optical device and returns to             
          the original light source (Col. 4, lines 4-10).  In a deformed              
          state, each mirror reflects light along an optical path directed            
          to a transmitting portion of the Schlierin optical device.  The             
          light passes through to Schlierin's optical device onto a viewing           
          screen (Col. 4, lines 33-41).  Each mirror may have                         
          more than one deformed state so that the viewing screen can be              
          illuminated with different intensities so as to provide gray                
          scale (Col. 5, lines 7-12).  According to the examiner, Ott does            
          not teach that the device can be used in a vehicle display system           
          or that gray scale can be used to reduce the perception of a                
          double image.                                                               
                    Iino discloses an optical projector for a head up                 
          display for a vehicle (Fig. 1A, Col. 3, lines 8-11).                        
                    Lasher discloses a method of reducing the usual                   
          perception of jagged or stepped edges produced by bilevel                   


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