Ex parte KATO et al. - Page 10

          Appeal No. 96-0950                                                          
          Application No. 07/727,932                                                  

          out of data being broadcast by one transmitting processor.                  
          Nothing in the cited art suggests such a data scattering system.            
               2.   AND Means                                                         
               The examiner finds that use of AND means to determine when             
          all processors are ready for a task (such as a data transmission)           
          was well known in the art.   Examiner’s Answer at 7, lines 14-20.           
               The examiner’s finding that it was well known in art to use            
          AND means to determine when all processors are ready to transmit            
          data does not lead one to the claimed invention.  The recited AND           
          means is for receiving ready signals from all the processors and            
          for outputting a signal back to all the processors.  As recited             
          and as exemplified by Figure 6 of the Specification, AND means              
          GA1 not only determines when all processors are ready to transmit           
          data, it also outputs a signal to all the processors.                       
               There is no apparent need to add the proposed AND means to             
          Quinquis and/or Katzman because Quinquis and Katzman do not                 
          disclose data gathering or scattering between one processor and a           
          plurality of other processors.  Quinquis and Katzman are                    
          concerned with data exchanged between a single originating                  
          processor and a single terminating processor.  Quinquis at Column           
          1, lines 18-27; Katzman at column 25, lines 23-25 and column 82,            
          lines 1-5.  Quinquis and Katzman had no need to determine whether           


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