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          Appeal No. 96-3211                                                            
          Application 07/928,717                                                        
          A.   The nature of the case                                                   
               1.   This is an appeal from the final rejection of claims 1-             
          10 and 12-20.  (Paper 28.)  Claim 11 has been canceled and no                 
          other claims are pending.  (Paper 24 at 1.)                                   
               2.   The subject matter of the invention is an automatic                 
          switching circuit for an image recording system that switches                 
          from an intermittent recording mode to a continuous recording                 
          mode upon detection of motion.  (Paper 1 at 1.)                               
               3.   Claim 10 defines the subject matter of the invention as             
                    A method of automatically switching recording                       
               modes of a recording device, comprising:                                 
                    converting optical information representing                         
               objects into an electrical image signal;                                 
                    separating said electrical image signal into a                      
               composite image signal and a luminance signal;                           
                    separating said luminance signal into a current                     
               luminance signal and a previous luminance signal and                     
               generating a difference signal representing differences                  
               between said previous luminance signal and said current                  
               luminance signal indicative of movement exhibited by                     
               the objects;                                                             
                    detecting said movement by comparing said                           
               difference signal to a reference value;                                  
                    recording said composite image signal                               
               intermittently at a predetermined rate in the absence                    
               of detection of said movement; and                                       
                    recording said composite image signal continuously                  
               in response to said detection of said movement.                          

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