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          Appeal No. 96-3211                                                            
          Application 07/928,717                                                        
               8.   Folsom's system switches from time-lapse mode to real-              
          time mode "automatically" when an alarm button is pressed during              
          an emergency.  (4:31-48.)                                                     
               9.   Folsom does not teach detection of movement by any                  
          method or switching to real-time mode based on detection of                   
               10. Suzuki teaches "driving a [television] and a [videotape              
          recorder] with the actuation of [a] sensor" activated by a                    
          trespasser.  (Abstract.)  Suzuki describes automatic recording on             
          detection as "conventional".  (2:10-12.)                                      
               11. Suzuki lists "[p]hotoelectric, ultrasonic,                           
          electroextraction, oscillation, or infrared type of sensors" as               
          appropriate in his system.  (3:3-4.)  Many of these are directly              
          (e.g., ultrasonic sensors) or indirectly (e.g., photoelectric                 
          sensors) motion detectors.                                                    
               12. The two recording modes that Suzuki teaches are                      
          continuous and off, not intermittent and continuous.  (6:9-7:1.)              
               13. Suzuki does not teach detection of motion using                      
          differences in a luminance signal over time.                                  
               14. Niitsu teaches that using a luminance frame difference               
          signal to detect motion in a video signal is "conventional".                  
          (1:13-22.)  Niitsu generates a difference signal in part by                   

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