Ex parte KIM - Page 7

          Appeal No. 96-3211                                                            
          Application 07/928,717                                                        
          and 15, 16, and 18-20.  Claims within these groupings stand or                
          fall together.                                                                
          B.   Obviousness                                                              
               4.   Applicant argues that the proposed combination does not             
          teach the movement discriminating means and the mode control                  
          means of claim 1, but only argues the mode control means                      
          limitation with specificity.  (Paper 33 at 10-13.)                            
               5.   Applicant is correct that Folsom does not teach                     
          switching between the intermittent and continuous recording modes             
          when motion is detected.  We conclude, however, that the                      
          combination of Folsom with Niitsu and Suzuki does teach this                  
          limitation.  Suzuki teaches the desirability of detecting                     
          intruders using various sensors including motion detectors.                   
          Niitsu teaches a motion detection system for use in a video                   
          system.  Folsom teaches a video surveillance system with an                   
          intermittent mode to avoid wasting videotape while still                      
          recording as much as possible.  A person having ordinary skill in             
          the art would have been motivated to incorporate Folsom's                     
          videotape-saving mode of operation into an intrusion detection                
          and recording system like Suzuki's.  Niitsu would have shown the              
          artisan how to do this using the video system itself instead of               
          additional sensors.                                                           

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