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          Appeal No. 97-0628                                                          
          Application 07/992,428                                                      

          topics.  First, a series of topics under which the articles are             
          classified is listed and a chosen article is stored in a data               
          base.  Then, a series of keywords, selected according to desired            
          information, is generated.  The keywords are associated with at             
          least one predetermined topic and a tag is assigned to the                  
          associated topic and keyword to form a tagged word.  A weighing             
          factor is assigned to the tag.  A score is provided which                   
          indicates the keywords present in the article in relation to the            
          weighing factor and the tag.  The articles having the greatest              
          score for the predetermined topic are selected.                             
               Claims 6, 12 and 13 are independent claims.  Claim 6 further           
          requires that the topics list includes age level information for            
          individuals.  Claim 12 further requires that the topics list                
          includes focus information regarding handicapped individuals such           
          as those who are deaf, blind, emotionally disturbed, having                 
          learning disability, mentally retarded, orthopedically or                   
          visually handicapped.  Claim 13 further requires that the topics            
          list includes topics selected from the group of handicapped                 
          persons, accessibility to buildings, transportation, advertising,           
          performing arts, education, medical treatment, counseling,                  
          sports, rehabilitation, technology, welfare, AIDS and taxes.                
               Representative claim 6 is reproduced below:                            


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