Ex parte DUKE-MORAN et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 97-0628                                                          
          Application 07/992,428                                                      

          It is improper to generalize claim features to some broader                 
          concept and then only attempt to find the broad concept in the              
          prior art.  It is the claimed invention which must be examined.             
               The examiner stated (answer at 4):                                     
               Chang and Morita teach the step/means for assigning a                  
               weight factor to a keyword (see Chang Col. 2, lines 22-                
               25, and 30-45; col.7, line 40 to col. 10, line 30 and                  
               see Morita, col. 2, lines 39-43, col. 3, lines 9-16 and                
               col. 6, lines 39-40).  It would have been obvious to                   
               one skilled in the art to include the teaching of Chang                
               and Morita in the Reed's system.  This is because both                 
               Chang and Morita teach or suggest the use of weight                    
               factor assigned to each keyword by a user so that to                   
               enhance the user's power in controlling the searching                  
               The appellants contend that Chang's weighing factors are               
          relevance factors which concern the relative ranking of the                 
          retrieved articles rather than weighing factors which are                   
          attached to a keyword and associated topic for categorizing the             
          subject matter of the articles (Br. at 14).  The appellants are             
          partially wrong but also partially right.  In column 7, Chang               
          lists five attributes which a user may control within the                   
          weighing or ranking process, one of which is Importance --                  
          Relative weight of the term assigne[d] by the user.  It can be              
          said that a weighing factor is assigned to keywords.  However,              
          the claims call for attaching a weighing factor to each "tag" and           
          a "tag" is assigned to a pair of associated topic and keyword.              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007