Ex parte CARY R. CHAMPLIN - Page 6

          Appeal No. 97-2111                                                          
          Application 08/158,345                                                      

          consistent with the standard set forth by the Joint Test Action             
          Group (JTAG)[column 1].  This standard includes several                     
          instructions such as EXTEST, INTEST and RUNBIST as noted by                 
          Burchard [column 10, lines 11-12].  Thus, Burchard clearly                  
          suggests to the artisan that a conventional Boundary-Scan                   
          architecture is designed to receive the external test (EXTEST)              
          instruction.  Appellant’s own disclosure states “[t]hese system             
          action instructions are known and include EXTEST, INTEST,                   
          RUNBIST, CLAMP, and HIGHZ instructions” [page 10].  Therefore,              
          the EXTEST instruction which will assert a system action is                 
          clearly present in Burchard, and the Burchard device obviously              
          determines the presence of this signal.                                     
          Appellant argues that neither reference teaches the step                    
          of “requesting control of said data and control bus prior to said           
          assertion of said system action in the context of a boundary-scan           
          master” [brief, pages 6-7].  We fail to see the relevance of the            
          Boundary-Scan master in the invention of claim 20.  The preamble            
          of claim 20 recites that the Boundary-Scan master is connected to           
          a data and control bus.  The body of claim 20 recites an                    
          interaction with the data and control bus, but not specifically             
          with the Boundary-Scan master.  Thus, we do not view the                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007