Ex parte CARY R. CHAMPLIN - Page 7

          Appeal No. 97-2111                                                          
          Application 08/158,345                                                      

          invention as recited in claim 20 as requiring anything to be done           
          by a Boundary-Scan master.                                                  
          On the other hand, claim 20 merely recites that control                     
          of a data and control bus is requested before a system action is            
          asserted.  The examiner has apparently construed this language to           
          mean that the data and control bus is requested by the EXTEST               
          instruction before the EXTEST instruction is given access to this           
          bus.  We agree with this claim construction.  We also agree that            
          this operation is suggested by Burchard.                                    
          Burchard notes that in a circuit that meets the JTAG                        
          standard discussed above, the “sequence of individual operations            
          is monitored and controlled by a bus master” [column 1, lines 16-           
          21].  In such a device the bus master controls access to a bus by           
          a plurality of devices each of which may have access to the bus.            
          Thus, no device in Burchard gets access to the bus in question              
          until it has been granted access by the bus master.  Thus, when             
          the EXTEST instruction in Burchard indicates that the bus is                
          needed for a system action, the bus master must request that                
          control be given to the EXTEST instruction before it can execute            
          the system action.  This operation is consistent with the                   
          language of claim 20.                                                       


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Last modified: November 3, 2007