Ex parte CARY R. CHAMPLIN - Page 10

          Appeal No. 97-2111                                                          
          Application 08/158,345                                                      

          With respect to independent claim 26, the examiner has                      
          basically supported the rejection of this claim in the same                 
          manner as discussed above with respect to independent claim 20              
          [answer, page 3].  Considering the breadth of claim 26, we are of           
          the view that the examiner has at least satisfied the burden of             
          presenting a prima facie case of obviousness.  Therefore, we                
          again consider appellant’s arguments and the relative                       
          persuasiveness of all the evidence.                                         
          Appellant argues that neither Burchard nor Gamache                          
          teaches “a Boundary-Scan master comprising an arbitration                   
          interface and control means, coupled to said arbitration                    
          interface, for determining when to request control of said data             
          and control bus” [brief, page 18].  As we noted above, Burchard             
          clearly teaches that a conventional Boundary-Scan device includes           
          a bus master.  A bus master is an arbitration interface for                 
          arbitrating access to the bus in question.  As we noted in our              
          discussion of claim 20 above, the bus master of Burchard includes           
          control means which determines when to request access to the bus.           
          This operation broadly meets the language of claim 26.                      
          Appellant argues that there is no motivation to combine                     
          the teachings of Burchard with those of Gamache.  Although we               
          agree with the examiner that it would have been obvious to                  


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Last modified: November 3, 2007