Ex parte HASEGAWA et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1997-2046                                       Page 3           
          Application No. 08/059,350                                                  

               The inventive planar inductor has a spiral coil,                       
          insulating layers stacked on both surfaces of the spiral coil,              
          and ferromagnetic layers stacked on the insulating layers.                  
          Each ferromagnetic layer has a saturation magnetization (4BM )              
          of at least 10 kG and a thickness no greater than 100 Fm.  DC               
          superposition characteristics are improved such that the                    
          inventive planar inductor can be effectively applied to a DC-               
          to-DC converter.  Each ferromagnetic layer is two                           
          dimensionally divided into a plurality of portions.  Such                   
          division decreases high-frequency, thereby improving the                    
          efficiency of the applied DC-to-DC converter.                               

               When the inventive planar inductor is used in practice, a              
          relaxation layer for contraction of a mold resin is formed on               
          a surface of each ferromagnetic layer.  Such formation relaxes              
          contraction generated when the mold resin is hardened and                   
          contracted.  Such relaxation prevents transmission of the                   
          contraction to each ferromagnetic layer, which prevents                     
          reduction in inductance due to an inverse magnetostrictive                  

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