Ex parte LINDSTROM - Page 15

          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          even assuming that the finished pieces made from different                  
          sheets of stock in accordance with different program routines               
          are located in different areas of pallet 7.  The  103                      
          rejection is therefore affirmed as to claims 1, 12, and 21.                 
          The rejection is also affirmed as to dependent claims 2, 4,                 
          and 13, which are not separately argued.                                    
               Dependent claim 3 calls for dividing the operating area                
          of the unloading means into zones and using addresses to                    
          identify the zones.  Although Taijonlahti does not indicate                 
          that the surface of the pallet 7 is divided into areas having               
          addresses, it would have been obvious in view of Taijonlahti's              
          disclosure of implementing unloading and handling mechanism 3               
          as a manipulator or robot to use addresses to identify the                  
          various possible storage locations on pallet 7.  The rejection              
          is therefore affirmed with respect to this claim.                           
               Claim 5 calls for the unloading means to include a                     
          receiver means which can be positioned relative to the sorting              
          means of unargued claim 4, which specifies that finished                    
          pieces of a given dimension are moved to a particular location              
          at the sorting mechanism.  These limitations of claims 4 and 5              
          are satisfied because Taijonlahti's pieces move to particular               

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