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          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          difference between the shearing mechanism as well as the                    
          unloading and handling mechanism" (col. 2, lines 54-58).  The               
          shearing mechanism is controlled by a computer 5 so as to cut               
          a plate blank 4 into  plates of various sizes, such as shown                
          in Figure 3A, in accordance with a so-called grouping program               
          (col. 3, lines 48-58), which corresponds to appellant's nest                
          program.  Plural plates of the same size (e.g., B -B ) are                  
                                                           1  4                       
          carried in a stack by conveyor 2 (col. 4, lines 24-29).  The                
          plates are then transferred onto "a receiving conveyor 12,                  
          whereby said unloading and handling mechanism 3 is operated to              
          carry them in programmed grouping and stacking fashion further              
          onto a transport carrier, e.g.[,] a standard pallet 7, for                  
          further production or temporary storage" (col. 4, lines 20-                 
          24).  Taijonlahti's claims 2 and 15 explain in more detail                  
          that the plates are transferred from the receiving conveyor                 
          means (2) onto the transport carrier means (pallet 7) "in a                 
          programmed fashion grouped according to plate sizes and/or as               
          stacked by means of a manipulator or robot" (emphasis added).               
          The unloading and handling mechanism 3 is preferably embodied               
          as a manipulator or a robot operating on the so-called portal               
          principle, comprising, e.g., "a gripping means 11 which is                  

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