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          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          A.  The invention                                                           
               The invention relates to sorting and unloading finished                
          pieces of various sizes and shapes that have been cut from                  
          sheet stock by a fabricating device.  The specification                     
          explains (at 8, lines 5-10) that some of the programs used to               
          control a fabricating device "are so-called 'nest' programs in              
          which the pieces to be cut from a sheet blank are predefined                
          according to their respective dimensions so that an optimal                 
          number of pieces may be cut from the sheet blank."  When, as                
          in the prior art, a plurality of such programs are run                      
          sequentially, the finished parts produced under the control of              
          each program are sorted and directed to sorting addresses                   
          predefined for them in the respective nest program, with each               
          sorting address referring to a location in the unloading area               
          of the part sorting and unloading system (Spec. at 2, lines                 
               One of the problems encountered in such system is that                 
          where a large number of parts are to be produced, there may be              
          insufficient addresses (Spec. at 3, lines 3-5).  Another                    
          problem is that different nest programs may assign parts                    
          having different dimensions to the same address, creating an                

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