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          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          address conflict which the controller is not designed to                    
          arbitrate and which therefore must be resolved by the                       
          operator, possibly by stopping the production run (Spec. at 3,              
          lines 6-16).  Appellant states that his invention solves these              
          problems by using                                                           
                    a "denester" approach in which, prior to a                        
                    production run, all of the nest programs to be                    
                    run during the production run are reviewed and                    
                    all data relevant to the to be cut pieces are                     
                    retrieved . . . . Parts that have the same                        
                    dimensions are assigned the same sorting address                  
                    so that those same parts are directed to a                        
                    particular location at the unloading area of the                  
                    sorting and unloading system.  [Spec. at 3,                       
                    lines 18-27.]                                                     
          B.  The claims                                                              
               Claims 1, 12, and 21 are the only independent claims on                
          appeal.  Claim 1, which is representative, reads as follows:                
                         1.  In a sheet fabricating environment in                    
                    which worksheets are cut into finished pieces                     
                    with each worksheet being cut in accordance with                  
                    at least one program routine, a method of                         
                    unloading said finished pieces comprising the                     
                    steps of:                                                         
                         identifying for each production run the                      
                    program routines in accordance with whose                         
                    programmed operations pieces of different                         
                    dimensions are to be cut from said worksheets;                    
                         retrieving from each of said program                         
                    routines data relating to said to be cut pieces;                  
                         utilizing said data retrieved from said program              
                    routines to compute optimal locations at at least                 

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