Ex parte LINDSTROM - Page 10

          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          3.  The examiner does not state whether Levine's cutting                    
          system is being used to cut pieces from a plurality of sheets               
          of stock or from a roll of coil stock.  Because this choice                 
          appears to have no effect on the merits of the rejection, we                
          will assume the former.                                                     
          Appellant does not argue that there is no motivation to                     
          combine the teachings of the references.  Instead, appellant                
          argues that "[t]he combination of Levine and Taijonlahti[,] if              
          such combination is feasible," fails to satisfy the                         
          limitations of the claims (Brief at 22).  For the following                 
          reasons, we agree only as to claims 6 and 16.                               
               Comparing claim 1 to the combined teachings, the claimed               
          "program routine" reads on Levine's job lot, which includes a               
          plurality of patterns to be cut from plural sheets of stock.                
          Appellant's argument that Levine's "job lot" programming                    
          concerns a single program rather than series of separate                    
          program routines (Reply Br. at 1-2) is unconvincing, because                
          Levine's "job lot" programming, even if written as a single                 
          program, can be considered to consist of a plurality of                     
          program routines.  Levine's identification of the groups of                 
          patterns to be included in a job lot satisfies claim 1's step               

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