Ex parte LINDSTROM - Page 11

          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          of "identifying for each production run the program routines                
          in accordance with those programmed operations pieces of                    
          different dimensions are to be cut from said worksheets."  The              
          "identifying" limitations of claims 12 and 21 are satisfied in              
          the same way.  Levine's listing of the patterns in a job lot                
          satisfies claim 1's step of "retrieving from each of said                   
          program routines data relating to said to be cut pieces."  The              
          "retrieving" limitation of claim 12 is satisfied in the same                
          way.  While claim 21 more particularly specifies that the                   
          retrieved data "includ[es] the respective dimensions of all                 
          pieces to be cut from worksheets in accordance with said each               
          program," this would have been obvious because it is necessary              
          to know which finished pieces are to be stacked by                          
          Taijonlahti's apparatus on conveyors 2 and ultimately on                    
          pallet 7.                                                                   
               The examiner appears to be reading the claimed step of                 
          "utilizing said data retrieved from said program routines to                
          compute optimal locations at at least one unloading means                   
          where finished pieces of the same dimension cut in accordance               
          with different ones of said program routines are be moved" on               

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