Ex parte LINDSTROM - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1997-2986                                                        
          Application No. 08/260,784                                                  

          movable relative to supporting legs 8 and maneuvering                       
          assemblies 9 and 10 and engages mechanically the plates to be               
          carried forward" (col. 3, lines 41-47).  The examiner (Answer               
          at 4) cites the "programmed grouping and stacking" operation                
          of mechanism 3 as evidence that Taijonlahti also contemplates               
          handling plated cut in accordance with a plurality of nest                  
          programs, i.e., a plurality of the claimed program routines.                
          We agree that the patterns A-D  in Taijonlahti's Figure 3A can              
          be considered to represent a first program routine and                      
          patterns E -K to represent a second program routine.                        
          Alternatively, patterns A-K can be considered to represent a                
          single program routine and the patterns to be cut from the                  
          next plate blank (not shown, but which also can have the                    
          patterns shown in Figure 3A) to represent a second program                  
               The examiner argues that "[i]t would have been obvious .               
          . . to employ the sorter of Taijonlahti with the cutting                    
          system of Levine because it would allow for easy transfer for               
          further production" (Answer at 4), which we understand to mean              
          that the  examiner is proposing to modify Levine by adding                  
          Taijonlahti's conveyor 2 and unloading and handling mechanism               

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