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          Appeal No. 1998-1657                                       Page 2           
          Application No. 08/674,282                                                  

          and columns.  A column is a collection of memory cells along a              
          bit line pair.  Each column is connected to a sense amplifier.              
          The sense amplifier senses the effect a memory cell has on the              
          bit line pair and amplifies a signal for reading data from the              
          memory cell.  In addition, the sense amplifier drives, i.e.,                
          controls, the bit line pair for writing data into the memory                

               When conventional sense amplifiers are employed in                     
          large memories, the amplifiers work inefficiently and slowly,               
          prolong access time, suffer patten sensitivities, and are                   
          unstable.  The invention aims to overcome these problems.  In               
          particular, the inventive sense amplifier includes a sense                  
          amplifier latch coupled to a pair of bit lines of an IC                     
          memory.  A local column read amplifier is coupled to data read              
          lines and to internal nodes of the latch.                                   

               Claim 35, which is representative for our purposes,                    
               35. A sense amplifier arrangement for an integrated                    
               circuit memory, the sense amplifier arrangement                        

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