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          Appeal No. 1998-1657                                       Page 3           
          Application No. 08/674,282                                                  

               corresponding to a bit line pair within the memory,                    
               the arrangement comprising:                                            
                    a sense amplifier latch configured to develop                     
               voltages on a pair of latch nodes, said voltages                       
               corresponding to signals on said bit line pair in                      
               connection with a read operation;                                      
                    first and second local sense amplifier drive                      
               transistors connected respectively to provide                          
               selectively first and second power supply voltages                     
               to said latch;                                                         
                    a local column read amplifier and a pair of data                  
               read lines coupled thereto,                                            
                    said read amplifier including means responsively                  
               coupled to at least one of said latch nodes for                        
               developing a differential signal on said pair of                       
               data read lines, said differential signal being                        
               based on the state of at least one of said latch                       

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