General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 79A Relocation Assistance - Section 11 Expenditure of funds by public agency or municipality; state financial assistance

Section 11. Funds appropriated or otherwise available to any public agency for the acquisition, rehabilitation or demolition of real property or any interest therein for a particular program or project shall be available also for obligation and expenditure to carry out the provisions of this act as applied to that program or project.

If a municipality acquires, rehabilitates, or demolishes real property, and state financial assistance is available to pay the cost, in whole or part, of the acquisition, rehabilitation, or demolition of such real property, or of the improvement for which such property is acquired, the cost to the unit of local government of providing the payments and services prescribed by this act shall be included as part of the costs of the project for which state financial assistance is available to such municipality, and shall be eligible for state financial assistance in the same manner and in the same ratio as other project costs.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015