General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 79A Relocation Assistance - Section 13 Enforcement of state sanitary code; displacement of persons; moving expenses; state financial assistance; reports

Section 13. Any public agency displacing one or more persons by issuing an order to vacate real property for the purpose of enforcing Article II of the state sanitary code, pursuant to section one hundred and twenty-seven B of chapter one hundred and eleven, shall provide relocation assistance and a relocation payment to such person or persons for actual reasonable documented expenses in moving his personal property from the real property, unless such payment is otherwise provided. The provisions of this section shall apply only to real property which is not part of or constitutes the entirety of a project where relocation payments would otherwise be required.

In instances where such enforcement results in the eviction of occupants, the state shall reimburse the locality carrying out such enforcement for fifty per cent of the costs of providing such relocation assistance and moving payments. Such state financial assistance shall be contingent upon the provision of relocation services and payments as documented by periodic reports as required by regulation pursuant to section twelve.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015