General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 79A Relocation Assistance - Section 6 Carrying out relocation plan; program requirements

Section 6. After approval has been granted in accordance with the provisions of section five, the relocation agency shall be authorized to carry out the relocation plan. Each relocation assistance program shall (1) fully inform eligible persons at the earliest possible date as to the availability of relocation payments and assistance; (2) supply displaced occupants with information concerning public and private housing programs, commercial sites, and social and economic assistance programs; (3) assist in securing within a reasonable period of time prior to displacement suitable standard replacement housing within the financial means of the families and individuals displaced; (4) assist owners of displaced businesses and farm operations in obtaining and becoming established in suitable business locations or replacement farms; and (5) administer relocation payments in a fair and equitable manner.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015