General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 79A Relocation Assistance - Section 4 Relocation plans; submission; contents

Section 4. At the time of the submission of an application for public approval or funding for a project involving the displacement of more than five dwelling or business units, the displacing agency shall submit to the bureau of relocation a relocation plan. The relocation plan shall show the names and addresses of all occupants to be displaced; the number of individuals, families, and business concerns to be displaced; the date on which such displacement will begin; the needs of the displaced occupants for relocation assistance; the availability of safe and sanitary housing, commercial buildings or sites within the means of occupants to be displaced; a program for their relocation; and a demonstration in accordance with bureau regulations that the relocation agency has coordinated the plan with other planned or proposed land acquisitions in the city or town which may affect the carrying out of the relocation program.

In the case of the displacement of the occupants of less than six dwelling or business units, the displacing agency shall not be required to submit any such relocation plan, but shall provide a relocation assistance program, as set forth in section six and shall pay any such displaced occupant relocation payments, as set forth in section seven.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015