New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:2a-13.1 - Findings, Declarations Relative To Ivory Trafficking.

23:2A-13.1 Findings, declarations relative to ivory trafficking.

1.The Legislature finds and declares that ivory trafficking is at the highest rate ever recorded, with an estimated confiscation of more than 41 tons of illegal ivory worldwide in 2013; that despite laws to protect elephants, more than 35,000 African elephants were slaughtered in 2012 and scientists expect the current levels of illegal trade in ivory will bring elephants to extinction within 20 years; that other species with ivory teeth and tusks - such as hippopotamuses, narwhals, walruses, and whales - are equally threatened and the protection of one species may inadvertently draw poachers' efforts to another species; that precious artifacts from prehistoric mammoths are also not safe and need protection from illegal ivory traffickers; that currently the population of all species of rhinoceros living in the wild worldwide has dwindled to 29,000 and, in February 2014, a federal ban on commercial trade of rhinoceros horn and elephant ivory has focused the need to protect rhinoceros populations from poachers as well; and that the most effective way to discourage the illegal trafficking is to eliminate markets and profits for the traffickers.

The Legislature therefore determines that it is an important public purpose to protect all species of rhinoceros and all species of animals with ivory teeth and tusks by prohibiting the import, sale, purchase, barter, or possession with intent to sell, of any ivory, ivory product, rhinoceros horn, or rhinoceros horn product.

L.2014, c.22, s.1.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016