Oregon Statutes - Chapter 462 - Racing - Section 462.110 - Public liability insurance required; bond of licensee; actions on bond; insurance for jockeys and drivers.

(1) For the protection of the public, and all members thereof, the exhibitors and visitors, every race meet licensee shall carry public liability insurance written on an approved form by a company licensed to do business in Oregon and in an amount approved by the Oregon Racing Commission.

(2) Every person licensed to conduct a race meet shall provide and deliver to the commission a bond signed by a surety company authorized to do business in Oregon in such form as is required by the commission and in an amount determined by the commission. The bond shall be conditioned that the licensee will pay to the state all moneys due it under this chapter, including moneys which escheat pursuant to ORS 462.073 and any fines imposed by any court or by any state agency; to horsemen or greyhound owners, all moneys owing and all moneys required to be paid for breakage, purses and Oregon-bred purse supplements; to persons presenting valid winning tickets, the amounts owing to them; and to the special track fund or training track fund, all moneys required to be paid to those funds by statute or rule. In lieu of a surety bond the commission may accept a certificate of deposit, an irrevocable letter of credit, or equivalent which will assure that the obligations described above are paid, up to the designated amount.

(3) The Attorney General or the district attorney of the county wherein the race meet is held shall prosecute all actions on such bonds on behalf of the state.

(4) Any person having a claim against the licensee for any obligation covered by the bond or bond substitute, except cause of action covered by public liability insurance, may prosecute the same in an action in behalf of the claimant brought in the name of the state for the use and benefit and at the expense of such claimant. The court may award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing party in an action under this subsection. If the amount of the bond or bond substitute is insufficient to cover all obligations, amounts owing to and for the benefit of the state pursuant to ORS 462.073 (3) shall have priority over any other claims. No action may be brought for recovery on the bond or bond substitute unless written notice of the claim is made to the commission and to the race meet licensee within 120 days after the last day of the race meet or continuous race meet in which the obligation arose. The notice must be by registered mail, certified mail with return receipt or personal service to the licensee or to the licensee’s registered agent. Any action for recovery on the bond or bond substitute must be brought no earlier than 60 days and no later than 180 days after service of the written notice on the race meet licensee or on the licensee’s registered agent. These limitations shall not apply to claims for valid winning tickets if the claimant has made a timely claim pursuant to ORS 462.073 (2).

(5) Every person licensed to conduct a race meet for horses shall carry insurance to protect jockeys and, if appropriate, drivers. The type, form and amount of insurance, and the carrier, must be approved by the commission. [Amended by 1957 c.313 §8; 1969 c.356 §18; 1975 c.549 §11; 1981 c.897 §53; 1983 s.s. c.7 §8; 1985 c.48 §1; 1991 c.249 §38; 1995 c.618 §73]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008