Oregon Statutes - Chapter 479 - Protection of Buildings From Fire; Electrical Safety Law - Section 479.945 - Restricted energy contractor’s license; rules; scope; employees.

(1) A restricted energy contractor’s license is created for persons engaged in HVAC and such other categories as established by the Electrical and Elevator Board by rule under ORS 455.117.

(2) A person licensed as a restricted energy contractor under this section and the person’s employees may install, alter, maintain, replace or repair electrical wiring and electrical products that are within the scope of the contractor’s license issued under this section. A person covered by this subsection does not have to obtain a license under ORS 479.910.

(3) The license issued under this section shall limit the scope of activities that the licensee and licensee’s employees may engage in and in no instance may the scope of the license exceed that of a Class B limited energy technician.

(4) A person applying for licensing under this section shall pay the applicable application fee required under ORS 479.840 and provide proof satisfactory to the board that the person has experience of the type of work covered by the license indorsement.

(5) A restricted energy contractor licensee under this section shall:

(a) Maintain with the board a current list of all individuals employed by the licensee to engage in work permitted by this section;

(b) Issue an identification card to each employee working under the provisions of this section and identify the contractor, date of issue, contractor’s identification number with the board and the Construction Contractors Board; and

(c) Maintain with the board a current form of identification card used by the contractor.

(6) A person holding a limited maintenance specialty contractor’s license under ORS 479.630 (12) who also registers under this section shall comply with the identification card requirements of subsection (5) of this section, but need not file a separate list of employees unless the work under the contractor’s license is done by different employees. [1991 c.529 §8; 1995 c.715 §5; 2001 c.728 §8; 2003 c.14 §334; 2005 c.758 §33; 2007 c.271 §7]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008