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          The record is silent as to the reason for the move to Catheys               
               Petitioner and her family have resided in Catheys Valley               
          since 1978.  Petitioner and her husband own real property, are              
          registered to vote, and have registered their vehicles in Catheys           
          Valley since 1978.  Petitioner has maintained a checking account            
          within 10 miles of Catheys Valley since 1978.  Petitioner's                 
          daughter attended public schools located in Catheys Valley from             
          1978 through 1986 and continues to reside with petitioner in                
          Catheys Valley.  Since retirement in 1986, Mr. Weichlein has                
          resided in the family residence in Catheys Valley.                          
               Petitioner was occupied full time as a homemaker from the              
          time she moved to Catheys Valley in 1978 until September 1979, at           
          which time she accepted employment as a dispatcher3 for Desert              
          Construction Co. (Desert) at a road construction site (at which             
          her husband was also employed) north of Bishop, California                  
          (approximately 115 miles from Catheys Valley).  She commuted                
          daily (with her husband) between their residence in Catheys                 
          Valley and that location (approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours each               
          way) for more than 1 month during which they worked 8-hour days.            
               Petitioner was also employed as a dispatcher by Desert at a            
          road construction site in Trona, California (approximately 265              

          3         The record does not reflect petitioner's training or              
          employment history between 1969 and 1978.                                   

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