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             When petitioner was employed as a hot plant operator4 in                 
        November and December 1980 in Barstow, California, she became a               
        member of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 12            
        (Local 12).  Local 12 has jurisdiction over all of California south           
        of Bakersfield, Nevada, and over part of Arizona.  The hiring of hot          
        plant operators is done entirely through union halls.  During                 
        periods of unemployment, petitioner registered for work with Local            
        12 and occasionally with Local 3, which has jurisdiction over                 
        California north of Bakersfield and over Oregon and Washington.  The          
        nearest union hall to petitioner is located in Atwater, California,           
        approximately 36 miles from Catheys Valley.                                   
             As a hot plant operator and foreman, petitioner is required              
        to use, and therefore owns, various tools including wrenches,                 
        hammers, prying bars, voltage meters, tool chests, and incidental             
        tools.  Petitioner takes these tools with her to each job location            

          4         A hot plant is a transportable apparatus containing               
          four components (feeder, weigh belt, driver drum, and silo) and a           
          control room.  The hot plant produces hot asphalt from dried and            
          graded crushed rock and heated graded oil or sand for road                  
          paving.  The hot plant is normally located near the pit producing           
          the rock.  The asphalt is transported by truck from the hot plant           
          to the portion of the road upon which it is laid.  Hot plant                
          operations are seasonal in the high areas of California, Nevada,            
          and Arizona, because the outside temperature must be 60 degrees             
          Fahrenheit and rising to lay asphalt on public roads.  The hot              
          plant operator controls the delivery of materials to the plant,             
          the processing of materials in the plant, the mixture of the                
          asphalt, the delivery of the asphalt to trucks at the plant, and            
          the dispatch of trucks to the job (in the absence of a                      
          dispatcher), and performs and supervises the repair and                     
          maintenance of the plant.                                                   

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