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        petitioner and her husband resided in the Victorville area at Boron.          
        They moved to Catheys Valley, but there is no evidence of any                 
        business purpose for such move, and we may therefore assume that the          
        purpose for the move was personal.  Nevertheless, with few                    
        exceptions, petitioner continued to accept employment in the                  
        southern California area, with most jobs being near Victorville or            
        further from Catheys Valley than from Victorville; e.g. Octillo,              
        California; Needles, California; Laughlin, Nevada.                            
             The parties stipulated that each job petitioner accepted was             
        for a short term and that petitioner had no anticipation of further           
        employment by Fontana.  We recognize that road or other construction          
        or repair projects are commonly of limited duration.  But if the              
        employer is successful and has many projects, highly regarded,                
        skilled employees will continue to be employed.  It is in this                
        context that we understand the parties' stipulations as to                    
        petitioner's expectation of future work, once a project was                   
        completed.  Fontana was in the road construction business and                 
        petitioner was highly regarded by Fontana. The relationship between           
        them was a continuing one, subject only to the availability of                
        projects requiring her skills.  Fontana's principal place of                  
        business and most of its operations were in the southern California           
        area.  Its headquarters were in Fontana, California, near San                 

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