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        and stores them at her residence in Catheys Valley when she is not            
        employed elsewhere.                                                           
             When petitioner was employed by Fontana Paving Co. (Fontana)             
        in Lucerne Valley from December 8, 1988, through May 1989, she                
        brought her recreational vehicle to Lucerne Valley and resided in it          
        during her period of employment there, except for those weekends she          
        returned to Catheys Valley.  During her employment in Lucerne                 
        Valley, petitioner learned to fly an airplane and obtained a private          
        pilot's license.                                                              
             When petitioner was hired in June 1989 by Fontana to work in             
        Victorville, her employment was expected to last for 2 months while           
        David Cooley was running the hot plant in Lucerne Valley.  Because            
        additional work at the Lucerne Valley plant required Mr. Cooley's             
        presence, petitioner remained at Victorville until November 1989.             
        While petitioner was employed in Victorville, she rented living               
        accommodations from Alison Criffield and stored her recreational              
        vehicle on Ms. Criffield's property.  Petitioner stayed in                    
        Victorville during the week because of its distance from Catheys              
        Valley and returned to Catheys Valley during most weekends.  When             
        Mr. Cooley returned to the Victorville plant in November 1989,                
        petitioner returned to her residence in Catheys Valley, with no               
        expectation of being rehired to work at or near Victorville in the            
        foreseeable future.  Petitioner put her name in at the hiring halls.          

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