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        plant, that he was bringing her to Victorville even though Mr.                
        Guerrero had not developed the skills necessary to operate the                
        Anaheim plant.  On February 18, 1990, Mr. Collie told petitioner to           
        return to the Anaheim plant.                                                  
             On April 9, 1990, petitioner was informed that she was to                
        train a new person, Norman Bateman, to run the Anaheim plant.  On             
        April 23, 1990, petitioner was informed that she would run the                
        Victorville plant beginning on June 4, 1990, for a short period of            
        time because Mr. Cooley was leaving that same day to run the Lucerne          
        Valley plant.  On June 1, 1990, petitioner was told to report to the          
        Victorville plant on June 4, 1990.                                            
             On or about February 27, 1990, petitioner brought her                    
        recreational vehicle to the Adelanto RV park near Victorville and             
        resided in it until December 21, 1990, except for those occasions             
        when she stayed overnight in Anaheim hotels or her residence in               
        Catheys Valley.  From January 2, 1990, through June 1, 1990,                  
        petitioner drove, almost daily, between Victorville and Anaheim.  In          
        addition, petitioner was frequently sent to hot plants located in             
        Upland, Irwindale, and Irvine to conduct in-house training of hot             
        plant operators and to conduct quality tests either en route between          
        Anaheim and Victorville or from Anaheim during this period.                   
        Petitioner either drove her automobile or flew her airplane, which            
        she purchased on or about May 1990, between Victorville and Catheys           
        Valley on most weekends.                                                      

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