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          Farmers Insurance Group (FIG).1  That business consisted princi-            
          pally of (1) investigating suspected criminal and fraudulent                
          activities of FIG's agents, clients, and third-party claimants              
          and (2) training FIG personnel in the conduct of such investiga-            
          tions so as to enable FIG to establish an internal workforce with           
          that investigative capability.                                              
               During the years at issue, DCI sent FIG invoices for ser-              
          vices rendered that were prepared in accordance with FIG's                  
          specifications and that pertained to different types of services            
          rendered, including investigative services and office and cleri-            
          cal services related to those investigative services.  Pursuant             
          to FIG's specifications, DCI's invoices also billed FIG for costs           
          that FIG agreed to reimburse (e.g., meals and lodging).                     
          Evergreen Typing Service                                                    
               Throughout all relevant periods, DCI required various                  
          secretarial and clerical support services in order to conduct its           
          business operations.  During the years 1980 through 1982, DCI               
          first employed Ms. Diamond and then Headquarters, Inc. to provide           
          such services.  During the summer of 1982, DCI formed its own               
          secretarial and clerical support services business known as                 
          Evergreen Typing Service (ETS) for the principal purpose of                 
          providing such services to DCI in connection with the work that             

          1  DCI provided its services to a division within the legal                 
          department of FIG known as the Criminal Investigations Division             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011