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                                       - 18 -                                         
                    Interest on attorneys' fees   15,369                              
                    Costs                              5,62611                        
                    Appeal costs                       22612                          
                    Per diem interest              691                                
                    Total                         2,254,983                           
          The FIG check was endorsed by (1) Peter Diamond as president of             
          DCI, (2) Peter Diamond as an individual, (3) Shirley Diamond as             
          an individual, and (4) David Markowitz and Barrie Herbold and was           
          deposited into the client trust account of Markowitz & Herbold.             
          Minutes of Certain DCI Meetings                                             
          and Certain Correspondence of DCI                                           
          With Respect to the Farmers Lawsuit                                         
               The minutes of a special meeting of DCI, dated December 12,            
          1984 (December 12, 1984 minutes) and signed by the Diamonds in              
          their capacity as shareholders of DCI, made reference to the                
          Farmers lawsuit and stated in pertinent part:                               
               As is already known, the corporation is engaged in                     
               litigation against Farmers Insurance.  Resulting ef-                   
               fects to the corporation are going to be a continued                   
               drain of its financial capability * * *. * * * Ever-                   
               green Typing Service, Peter Diamond and Shirley Diamond                
               will continue to provide the support services that                     
               formerly were given by Evergreen Typing Service.                       
               In light of this, they have agreed to not bill for                     
               their services rendered during the course of the liti-                 
               gation if DCI will assume the litigation expenses,                     
               court costs, attorneys [sic] fees, etc.                                

          discrepancies, since the parties proceed on the assumption that             
          the District Court awarded damages, attorneys' fees and costs,              
          and interest to the plaintiffs in amounts stated in the FIG                 
          letter, we shall also proceed on that assumption.                           
          11  See supra note 10.                                                      
          12  See supra note 10.                                                      

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