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          relating to their claims against FIG for breaches of contract,              
          indemnity, and fraudulent misrepresentations and (2) to hold FIG            
          liable to the plaintiffs on each of those claims.  Based on the             
          plaintiffs' allegations in the pretrial order, the District Court           
          specifically found in its opinion, inter alia, that DCI started a           
          business during 1982 known as ETS for the purpose of providing              
          transcription services to FIG and that DCI later transferred                
          ownership of that business to the Diamonds.                                 
               In its opinion, the District Court awarded the plaintiffs,             
          viz., Diamond Claims & Investigation Services, Inc., and Peter J.           
          Diamond and Shirley Diamond, the following types of damages in              
          the amounts and for the claims indicated:                                   
                                   Type of              Amount of                     
           Plaintiffs' Claims        Damages Awarded       Damages Awarded            
          Breaches of contract     Lost profits damages     $1,497,015.51             
          Indemnity                Indemnity damages        63,159.00                 
          Fraudulent               Punitive damages and     290,715.00                
          misrepresentations7      reliance damages          35,746.00                
          Total                                             1,886,635.51              
               On February 26, 1987, the District Court entered a judgment            
          (District Court's judgment) that "plaintiffs shall recover from             
          defendants the sum of $1,886,635.51, together with interest at              
          the rate of 6.09 percent from the date of entry of judgment".8              
               With respect to the lost profits damages, the District Court           

          7  The District Court did not award the Diamonds any damages for            
          the emotional distress that they claimed they suffered as a                 
          result of FIG's fraudulent misrepresentations.                              
          8  Hereinafter, all dollar amounts are rounded.                             

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