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                                       - 15 -                                         
          property, (6) employee housing,16 (7) structural repairs to the             
          Crestwood buildings, and (8) the creation of a new position on              
          the Crestwood staff.                                                        
               In addition to the foregoing issues, at its meetings during            
          the years at issue, the board, inter alia, considered issues                
          relating to the election of officers, inquiries and complaints              
          raised by owners and patrons of Crestwood condominiums, a pro-              
          posed amendment to the bylaws of Crestwood Association dealing              
          with nepotism, the promotion of rental operations, the revision             
          of the guide for prospective buyers of Crestwood condominium                
          units, and the rehiring of Crestwood Association's outside audi-            
               Moreover, during the board meetings held in January of each            
          of the years at issue, the board reviewed respective audit re-              
          ports for the Crestwood Association owners' operations and lodge            

          ship.  During each of the board meetings in September 1989,                 
          January 1990, and September 1990, the Crestwood management staff            
          apprised the board of the town's actions with respect to that               
          16  During the September 1989 board meeting, based on recommenda-           
          tions made by the Crestwood management staff, the board resolved            
          to assume a lease on nearby residential property in order to                
          provide housing for the employees of Crestwood Association.                 
          During each of the board meetings in January 1990 and September             
          1990, the Crestwood management staff apprised the board of issues           
          relating to employee housing.                                               
          17  During the September 1990 board meeting, the board acknowl-             
          edged the expiration of Crestwood Association's contract with its           
          outside auditor and authorized the Crestwood management staff to            
          renegotiate a new contract with that auditor.                               

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