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               During the years at issue, the Crestwood management staff              
          influenced the operations of Crestwood Association by recommend-            
          ing proper rental rates based on surveys and studies, proposing             
          capital improvements and providing cost estimates for such im-              
          provements, suggesting adoption of particular employee health               
          insurance plans, preparing budget drafts, and dealing with gov-             
          ernmental entities.                                                         
          Petitioner's Involvement in the                                             
          Operations of Crestwood Association                                         
               During 1989 and 1990, petitioner was president of Crestwood            
          Association, chairperson of the board of Crestwood Association,             
          and chairperson of the executive committee of that board (exec-             
          utive committee) that was vested with the authority of the board            
          and was to act in the absence of a meeting of the board.  On                
          April 7, 1990, petitioner was appointed chairperson of the man-             
          agement compensation committee of the board (management compensa-           
          tion committee).  Petitioner received no compensation during the            
          years at issue for serving in any of those positions.                       
               During the years at issue, as chairperson of the executive             
          committee, petitioner considered various issues relating to the             
          operations of Crestwood Association.  During 1989, as chairperson           
          of the executive committee, petitioner considered issues relating           
          to the installation of a fire sprinkler system at Crestwood.                
          Although during the January 1989 board meeting the board had                
          given the executive committee the authority to enter into the               

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