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                                       - 11 -                                         
          final contract with respect to the installation of a fire sprink-           
          ler system at Crestwood, after considering that issue, the execu-           
          tive committee chose not to act on it and instead decided to                
          leave the matter for consideration by the entire board.  During             
          1990, as chairperson of the executive committee, petitioner                 
          considered a Crestwood condominium owner's request to combine two           
          condominium units and drafted a letter to another Crestwood con-            
          dominium owner to address that owner's complaint regarding the              
          placement of humidifiers in all condominium units.                          
               During 1990, as chairperson of the management compensation             
          committee, petitioner discussed the issue of management compensa-           
          tion with Mr. Dempsey and suggested the implementation of an                
          incentive program for the Crestwood management staff.                       
               During each of the years at issue, petitioner attended the             
          three board meetings that were held at Crestwood in the months of           
          January, April, and September, and, as chairperson of the board,            
          presided over those meetings.  He arrived at Crestwood in Decem-            
          ber about two weeks prior to each of the board meetings held in             
          January 1989 and 1990.  While at Crestwood during that two-week             
          period preceding each of those meetings, he attended one or two             
          owners' receptions at which owners, board members, and senior               
          management staff had the opportunity to interact and discuss                
          matters relating to the operations of Crestwood Association and             
          an employee Christmas party in order to gain insight as to the              

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