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          where petitioner lived, was declared a national disaster area.                
          Notice 89-108, 1989-2 C.B. 445.                                               
               Petitioner continued to live in her home after the                       
          D.   Structural Damage                                                        
               1.   The Foundation                                                      
                    a.   Description                                                    
               Each of the three units in petitioner's building has a                   
          garage.  Petitioner's garage is built on flat land.  Part of the              
          foundation of each unit is separate from the garage on a steep                
          slope.  Petitioner's unit has a pier and grade beam foundation                
          other than for the garage.  The grade beams rest on piers.  The               
          piers are 18 inches in diameter and 18 feet deep.                             
               The foundation of petitioner’s home was weakened by the                  
          earthquake.  The earthquake caused about 25 cracks in the                     
          foundation, including several under the main supports for                     
          the house.                                                                    
                    b.   Inspection by Bob Cook                                         
               Shortly after the earthquake, petitioner hired a contractor,             
          Bob Cook (Cook), to inspect her home.  Cook made two estimates of             
          the cost of structural repairs to petitioner’s home.  He made a               
          preliminary estimate on December 5, 1989, of $37,900, and a final             
          estimate on December 20, 1989, of $48,100.  Cook had engineers                
          consider whether the foundation needed to be replaced or could be             
          salvaged using chemical adhesive injection (i.e., epoxy).  On                 

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