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          (to bring the foundation into compliance with the building code)              
          and do drainage work for petitioner’s home.  The contract was for             
          $7,381.  Hensley injected epoxy in the foundation and installed               
          plywood shear walls in the crawl space under petitioner’s home.               
          Hensley also added studs, shearwall, and tie-downs to the                     
          foundation of petitioner's unit.  Petitioner did not have any                 
          other foundation repairs done.                                                
               2.   The Roof                                                            
               The roof of petitioner’s home was defective when petitioner              
          bought the unit.  The earthquake did not damage the roof.                     
               At the time of the earthquake, the Homeowners’ Association               
          was involved in litigation with the developers of Crestview Park.             
          The Homeowners’ Association alleged that construction was                     
          substandard.  In 1992, the developers and the Homeowners’                     
          Association agreed to a settlement for faulty roof design.  The               
          Homeowners’ Association repaired the roofs on the three units in              
          petitioner’s building for about $7,500.                                       
               3.   The Garage                                                          
               The crack in petitioner's garage floor was larger after                  
          the earthquake than when petitioner bought her home, and it was               
          heaving.  Cook estimated that it would cost $8,000 to replace the             
          garage floor.                                                                 
               4.   Floors                                                              
               The earthquake caused the first and second floors of                     
          petitioner’s home not to be level.  On April 19, 1990, Graham                 

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