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               5.   Doors                                                               
               The doors to the hallway closet and the master bath were out             
          of plumb and did not hang properly after the earthquake.  Barrett             
          rehung them and used better quality hardware.  Other doors did                
          not stay open and some stuck.  Petitioner replaced several doors              
          after the earthquake.                                                         
               6.   The Fireplace and Chimney                                           
               The earthquake caused the fireplace mantle to separate from              
          the wall.  Some stucco cracked and fell from the chimney and had              
          to be patched.                                                                
               7.   Kitchen Floor/Linoleum                                              
               The earthquake caused a bump in the linoleum on the kitchen              
          floor.  Petitioner has not replaced the linoleum.                             
               8.   Other Structural Damage                                             
               There were cracks in the plaster in areas not specified in               
          the record.  The bathroom tile cracked at the tile splash.  Grout             
          joints separated from the tub, vanities, and floors.  Tiles in                
          the entryway cracked, and some did not adhere to the floor after              
          the earthquake.  The stairs were not level, and the stair                     
          railings were loose.  An upstairs toilet cracked.  An upstairs                
          bathroom (not the master bath) carpet, not reported by Hise as                
          damaged when he inspected petitioner’s house before the                       
          earthquake, was damaged by water which splashed from the toilet               
          during the earthquake.                                                        
               9.   Halpin’s Estimate of Damages to Petitioner’s Residence              

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