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               After further inspection in April 1990, Lewis said that                  
          the foundation was sound.  He recommended that the Homeowners’                
          Association inject epoxy into the large cracks in petitioner’s                
          foundation.  The hairline cracks were too small to inject.                    
                    d.   Philip Barrett                                                 
               Petitioner hired a contractor, Philip Barrett (Barrett), to              
          repair her home shortly after the earthquake.  Barrett remodeled              
          petitioner’s bathrooms, fixed the living room fireplace, and                  
          rehung several doors that were out of plumb.  He saw stress                   
          cracks and apparent movement in the foundation.                               
                    e.   Gary Halpin                                                    
               Petitioner hired Gary Halpin (Halpin) to estimate the value              
          of her home after the earthquake.  Halpin inspected many                      
          buildings damaged by the Loma Prieta earthquake.  Halpin first                
          saw petitioner's unit on August 25, 1994, nearly 5 years after                
          the earthquake.  He also inspected her unit on November 20, 1994.             
               Halpin thought that there were too many cracks to be                     
          repaired with epoxy injection.  Halpin concluded that the                     
          foundation should be replaced to restore it to its pre-earthquake             
                    f.   Foundation Repairs                                             
               In November 1990, the Homeowners' Association hired Hensley              
          Homes (Hensley) to retrofit the foundation of petitioner’s home               

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