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          separation, (1) Mr. Gordon and Ms. Gordon had a trusting rela-              
          tionship; (2) they communicated openly with each other concerning           
          personal and certain professional matters; (3) they did not                 
          conceal assets or losses from each other; (4) Ms. Gordon was                
          aware that Mr. Gordon's business involved trading options and               
          securities and was extremely volatile; (5) Ms. Gordon generally             
          knew whether Mr. Gordon had a successful or an unsuccessful                 
          trading day; and (6) Ms. Gordon knew about Mr. Gordon's job                 
          changes and was at times consulted by him as a sounding board for           
          his career moves.                                                           
               Ms. Gordon was aware that Mr. Gordon suffered a major                  
          trading loss for 1986.                                                      
               During 1986 through 1990, the Gordons had a comfortable,               
          upper-middle class lifestyle that was fully consistent with their           
          lifestyle prior to 1986.  By way of illustration of their life-             
          style during their marriage, (1) the Gordons (a) were charter               
          members of the Old Westbury Golf & Country Club located in Long             
          Island, New York, for which they paid annual dues of approxi-               
          mately $10,000, (b) took at least one annual family vacation that           
          cost approximately $4,000, and (c) owned various automobiles,               
          including a Porsche, a Mercedes Benz 500 SEL, a Chrysler, a                 
          Cadillac, and a Ford Taurus; and (2) Ms. Gordon (a) regularly               
          took spa vacations that cost between $1,700 to $2,500 per trip              
          and (b) owned five fur coats, one of which, a mink coat, she                
          purchased during 1988 for approximately $8,000 and for which Mr.            

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