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          Ms. Gordon                                                                  
               Ms. Gordon received a bachelor's degree in education and in            
          English in 1955 and a master's degree in psychology and in                  
          remedial reading in 1959.  She also has taken courses in various            
          other subjects, including teaching methods and humanities.                  
               Throughout the period that commenced sometime in 1955 until            
          sometime in 1965 and throughout 1971 and 1972, Ms. Gordon was               
          employed as a school teacher.9                                              
               Throughout 1976 and 1977, Ms. Gordon was employed as an ice-           
          skating instructor.                                                         
               Throughout the period that commenced on January 5, 1979,               
          until August 31, 1982, Ms. Gordon worked part-time as a regis-              
          tered representative with First Investors Corporation (FIC), a              
          mutual fund broker/dealer, and, as such, she sold certain mutual            
          funds for FIC and received commissions from FIC for selling such            
          funds.  As a registered representative with FIC, Ms. Gordon                 
          (1) was required and trained by FIC to pass, and did pass, the              
          NASD Series-Six licensing examination, (2) attended training                
          programs that were provided by FIC on, inter alia, the mutual               
          funds that FIC offered to the public, the sales practices that              
          its employees were to use in selling such funds, and the suit-              
          ability of such funds for each potential client of FIC in light             

          9  With one exception that is noted below, the record does not              
          disclose whether Ms. Gordon was employed on a full-time or a                
          part-time basis during the periods that are specified herein.               

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