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          the time their respective petitions in these cases were filed.              
          (Mr. Gordon and Ms. Gordon are sometimes referred to as the                 
               The Gordons were married on April 2, 1959, separated during            
          March 1991, and divorced on July 14, 1994.  They have two chil-             
          dren, a daughter Jodi and a son Eric.                                       
          Mr. Gordon                                                                  
               Throughout most of the period 1965 through 1996, Mr. Gordon,           
          who majored in accounting, held a bachelor's degree in business             
          administration, and was licensed by the National Association of             
          Security Dealers (NASD) to sell securities to the public, earned            
          his livelihood as a trader either for his own account or for the            
          accounts of the various investment or securities firms (firms)              
          that employed him.  A trader is a professional investor in                  
          securities, commodities, or options, who is in the trade or                 
          business of buying and selling such products, with the aim of               
          profiting from increases in the market prices of his or her                 
               Mr. Gordon's compensation as a trader for the firms that               
          employed him was based on a percentage of the profits that his              
          trading activities generated for those firms, and not on a fixed            
          salary.  Those firms generally protected themselves against any             
          losses incurred by traders whom they employed by requiring them             
          to deposit money as security for any such losses and/or by                  
          retaining for a certain period of time a portion of the compensa-           

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