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          of that potential client's investment goals, and (3) was respon-            
          sible for explaining to each potential client of FIC the differ-            
          ences among the various financial investments that were available           
          through FIC and for assessing the suitability of such investments           
          for each such potential client.                                             
               Throughout the period that commenced sometime in 1979 until            
          sometime in 1981, Ms. Gordon was also employed as a salesperson             
          by a retail store.                                                          
               Throughout the period that commenced sometime in 1982 until            
          at least the date of the trial herein, Ms. Gordon was employed as           
          a school teacher.                                                           
               During 1982, Ms. Gordon inherited from her mother assets               
          valued at about $200,000 that consisted of stocks, mutual funds,            
          and cash.  Ms. Gordon invested the cash that she inherited in               
          various interest-bearing accounts, including money market funds,            
          certificates of deposit, and savings accounts.                              
               During 1988, 1989, and 1990, respectively, Ms. Gordon                  
          maintained 16, 21, and 18 separate financial accounts that                  
          consisted of money market funds, certificates of deposit, savings           
          accounts, and checking accounts.                                            
               During 1979, after Ms. Gordon began working for FIC, she               
          purchased stock of certain of the mutual funds offered by that              
          company and continued to own that stock through 1989.                       
               On February 26, 1987, Ms. Gordon opened a brokerage account            
          with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Charles Schwab) that she main-             

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