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          track of her investments (e.g., determine the value of her                  
               At least for all relevant periods since 1982, Ms. Gordon               
          generally held any asset that she acquired, including the assets            
          that she inherited from her mother during 1982 and any income               
          produced therefrom, exclusively in her own name, and not in joint           
          names with Mr. Gordon.  She did so in order to protect those                
          assets against the risks that were associated with the volatility           
          of Mr. Gordon's business activities.                                        
          The Gordons' Sale of the Roslyn                                             
          Residence and the Purchase of                                               
          the Lincoln Plaza Residence                                                 
               On November 21, 1986, the Gordons sold for $514,000 their              
          principal residence in Roslyn, New York (Roslyn residence) and              
          realized a gain from that sale.  The Gordons used those sale                
          proceeds in the following manner:  (1) An undisclosed amount was            
          used to pay certain unidentified debts and certain costs and                
          expenses that were associated with the sale of the Roslyn resi-             
          dence; (2) $100,000 was used to pay off a mortgage loan ($100,000           
          mortgage loan) on the Roslyn residence that the Gordons had                 
          obtained during 1986 for Mr. Gordon to use in his business                  
          activities; and (3) the remaining amount was divided equally                
          between Mr. Gordon and Ms. Gordon.                                          
               Throughout the period November 1986 until November 9, 1988,            
          the Gordons rented for $2,350 a month a condominium located at              
          One Lincoln Plaza Condominiums in New York City.  Ms. Gordon was            

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