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          location to establish an operational system/entity to facilitate            
          pickup and delivery of documents and small packages to and from             
          the United States and other locations.  During 1972, Robinson               
          traveled to Sydney, Australia, and met David Allen (Allen), and             
          they began a pickup and delivery service there.  Early on,                  
          employees who established the service in some locations accepted            
          equity interests because of insufficient funds to pay them.                 
               Setting up an international station generally involved the             
          obtaining of space at the local airport, making arrangements with           
          the local government customs officials, setting up an office                
          location, acquiring vehicles, and hiring and training local                 
          managers.  Within a relatively short time, operations were                  
          established in Auckland, New Zealand; Fiji; Jakarta, Indonesia;             
          Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Caracas, Venezuela;                      
          Johannesburg, South Africa; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.                          
               The growth of the DHL network, especially in the earlier               
          years, was attributed to a free-form approach to expansion.                 
          Although a regimen eventually developed, the business expanded              
          and grew because of the flexibility and freedom of the management           
          and employees to provide service to customers that comported with           
          their customs and locality.  After some problems involving the              
          Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), operations were divided between              
          U.S. and international locations.  Even though there was common             
          shareholder ownership of the U.S. and international corporate               

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