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          purchased air operations; advancing the worldwide implementation            
          of best demonstrated practices in operations, sales, and                    
          marketing; and overseeing the global accounts program.                      
               Lupo was DHL’s general counsel from 1976 through December 1,           
          1984; CEO for part of 1986; a member of DHL’s board of directors            
          from the early 1980’s until 1990 and chairman of its board of               
          directors from 1985 through September 1986; and from the early              
          1980’s to the time of trial, a minority shareholder of DHL.  In             
          1985, Lupo moved to England to coordinate the service                       
          requirements of DHL operations in Canada, Mexico, and Latin                 
          America with DHLI and MNV.  Lupo continued in that role until               
               From 1986 into 1988, at the request of Po Chung, Lupo                  
          coordinated the activities of DHL, MNV, and DHLI pursuant to an             
          agreement with DHLI.  Lupo also performed services for MRI.  He             
          was involved in MRI’s 1985 global strategic planning for DHL.               
          From 1988 until 1992, DHL paid Lupo’s compensation and benefits,            
          but permitted him to serve DHLI.  He performed his coordination             
          activities as CEO of WHQ beginning in 1988.  In 1990, with the              
          entry of the foreign investors, Lupo was placed on the boards of            
          directors of DHLI and MNV.                                                  
               DHLI provided necessary capital to DHL through Nirada Corp.            
          B.V., a Netherlands corporation formed for that purpose.  DHL’s             
          domestic expansion during the 1980’s was, in part, intended to              

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