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          cause and had a 15-year term, with an automatic 10-year renewal             
          if the parties were reasonably satisfied.  It did not contain               
          DHL’s right to terminate the agreement upon 90 days’ notice and             
          it did not provide for DHLI’s payment of a royalty for use of the           
          DHL trademark.  DHL, DHL Airways, and a newly created entity, on            
          August 18, 1992, entered into an agreement paralleling and                  
          keeping in force the 1990 agency agreement, essentially                     
          substituting a newly created entity for DHLI.                               
               Upon termination of the 1990 agency agreement, DHLI would be           
          prohibited from using the DHL trademark anywhere in the world for           
          a period of 5 years.  The 1990 agency agreement provided that the           
          laws of New York governed its interpretation.  It was signed by             
          DHL and DHLI and filed with the U.S. Department of                          
               In addition to the 1974 MOA and amendments, DHL and DHLI in            
          their cooperative effort to operate a worldwide DHL network                 
          entered into numerous written and oral agreements.  Some of these           
          included operational standards such as uniform service criteria             
          for network performance (percentage of deliveries within an                 
          established time period, data retrieval standards), establishment           
          of quality of service reporting criteria (systems and measures              
          for network product volumes, pickup performance, and delivery               
          performance), service directory format and content, development             
          of quality control criteria for the network, and development of             
          global air freight methods for handling larger or traditional air           

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